Questions from our clients

Question: What are Lobpa's initiatives regarding the hiring of individuals with disabilities?

Answer: We actively support the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Our company conducts adaptation programs and provides resources to ensure comfortable working conditions.

Question: How does Lobpa contribute to diversity and inclusion of minorities in the workforce?

Answer: We advocate for creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. The interests and qualities of each employee are respected, and we encourage a culture where diversity is considered an advantage.

Question: What types of services does Lobpa provide in the recruiting field?

Answer: We offer comprehensive services, including consultations, strategic talent planning, candidate sourcing, interview coordination, onboarding support, and client relationship management.

Question: What is the recruitment process at Lobpa like?

Answer: We start with detailed consultation and strategic planning, actively search for candidates, conduct qualitative evaluations, coordinate interviews, and finally support you through the offer and onboarding stage.

Question: What is Lobpa's main goal in working with clients?

Answer: Our primary goal is to provide our clients with access to exceptional talent, supporting their business needs and contributing to their ongoing success.

Question: Can Lobpa help in finding specialists in a specific industry?

Answer: Yes, our recruiters have in-depth knowledge across various industries and specialize in sourcing talent that aligns with each client's unique requirements.

Question: Does Lobpa provide personnel outsourcing services?

Answer: We focus on strategic staffing, but we are open to discussing your needs and offering the best solutions according to your requests.

Question: How does Lobpa support clients during the onboarding process of new employees?

Answer: We provide support in offer negotiations and offer advice and resources for the successful integration of new employees into your company.

Question: What are the prospects for long-term collaboration with Lobpa?

Answer: We aim to establish strong relationships with each client, actively adapting our services to the changing needs of your business.

Question: How does Lobpa integrate innovations into its recruiting practices?

Answer: We constantly explore innovative methods, stay updated on trends and technologies, ensuring that our clients have access to cutting-edge solutions in the field of talent acquisition.